Brenna Vollen

Young, Force Sensitive Woman


Biographical Information

Homeworld: Coruscant

Born: 40 BBY

Died: Not Applicable


Physical Information

Sex: Female

Height: 1.67 meters

Skin: White

Hair color: Strawberry Blond

Eye color: Green


Chronological and Political Information

Affiliation: Galactic Republic


Brenna Vollen, the daughter of Nyreen Vollen, was rescued by PLT Gamma, from an Umbaran Sith Inquisitor on Nar Kreeta. She had been purchased by the Sith Inquisitor for her Force Sensitivity from the planetary Crime Lord, Reero Anjiliac.

Upon learning of her Force Sensitivity, Yesh Beyene petitioned Jedi Master An’ya Kuro with the request that Brenna, for her own protection, be trained in the ways of the Force at the Almas Academy, a Jedi learning center for aged students.

Until a decision is reached regarding her future, Brenna stays close to her mother, working as a deckhand on PLT Gamma’s ship, Gravity’s Fang.

During her time on Gravity’s Fang she began to become fond of Lieutenant A’den. With a little help from Yesh, A’den finally mustered up enough courage to return the romantic interest. The two have what some might consider a fledging relationship.

Brenna Vollen

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