Gilad Pellaeon

Commander in the Republic Navy


Gilad Pellaeon is a dedicated naval officer that began his military career in the Senate’s Judicial Fleet prior to the formal creation of Galatic Navy and the Grand Army of the Republic at the outbreak of the Clone Wars. As an officer in the Judicial Fleet, Ensign Pellaeon served as a starfighter pilot based on Coruscant and largely fulfilled escort duties while flying the ocassional sortie against pirates threatening Republic space lanes. Pellaeon was promoted up to the rank of Lieutenant while a member of the Judicial Fleet.

After his promotion to Lieutenant at the start of the Clone Wars in 22 BBY, Pellaeon remained on Coruscant and was posted at the Republic Naval Academy with the duties of identifying and training Republic pilot officers. After serving successfully for one year as an instructor and recruiter, Lieutenant Pellaeon was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and was awarded with the coveted postion of executive officer on the assault ship Leveler. After months of valiant service, Pellaeon was promoted to the rank of Commander and granted command over the Leveler, a position normally held by a Captain.

Gilad Pellaeon

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