Oohn Kaoss

Jedi Learner


AKA: Rade Vorrusk

Level: Scoundrel 1/ Soldier 2/ Noble 2/ Scout 1

Homeworld: Coruscant (DUH-00 on Galactic Map)

Born: 42 BBY Age: 18

Height: 2 meters

Weight: 75 kgs

Skin: Pale grey

Eye color: Grey-Black

Ability Scores: STR 10, DEX 16, CON 8, INT 14, WIS 16, CHA 16

Hit Points: 52

Damage Threshold: 16

Force Points: 7

Speed: 6 meters

Fortitude: +16 (10 +2 Class, +5 level, -1 ability)

Reflex: +23 (10 +2 class, +2 race, +5 level, +3 ability, +1 Dodge (MA))

Willpower: +20 (10 +2 class, +5 level, +3 ability)

Attack: 7 (0.8 BAB, 3 Dex) / Damage: +2 (0.5 level 4)

Attack Type Weapons Attack Bonus Critical Damage Type
Melee Tech-la Blade 7 20×2 2d62 Sl/P 1d6 Bleed if ATK>FORT
Melee Light Saber +7 20×2 2d8
2 Sl/E


Stymie: Swift action to apply -5 to specific skill to any target within 12Sq 1/rnd
Telekinetic Savant: Swift Action to return any used TK power to suite 1/enc
Anticipate Movement: Reaction to enemy move within LOS to give ally within 12’ free move 1/rnd
Evasion: 1/2 DMG from successful AOE attack. No DMG from a missed AOE attack.


Simple Weapons, Force Sensitivity,
Combat Trickery: 2Swift Action to get Deception vs WIL to make opponent flat footed for next ATK
Force Training(Move Object, Stagger, Negate Energy, Mind Tricks)
Rapid Attack: -2ATK for +1D DMG
Weapon Prof: Lightsaber
Martial Arts 1: +1REF Dodge, 1D6 HTH DMG

Force Training(Move Object, Force Slam, Draw Closer, Rebuke)
Combat Finesse: Use DEX bonus for Melee

Armor Proficiencies: NONE

Species Traits
Soothing Voice: Re-roll any Persuasion roll. Take new result.


Acrobatics +11*

Athletics +3

Deception +11*

Endurance +2

Gather Information +6

Initiative +11*

Mechanics +5

Perception +11*

Persuasion +11*

Pilot +6

Ride +6

Stealth +11*

Survival +6

Treat Injury +6

Use Computer +5

Use the Force +12*

Languages: Basic,Nagai ,Huttese, Military Sign

Possessions Typically Carried

Worn: Hooded robe, Utility Belt(-Toolkit and comlink),Bandolier(3Ion/3Stun), Concealed Holster
Carried: Tech-la Blade, Lightsaber(amber), Armband short range video Comlink, Credit chip
Current Load 11 kg / Max Carry is 25 kg


Rowan and Sorab Kaoss were Nagai explorers sent to scout the River of Light. The distances involved and lack of reliable transportation made this a lifelong proposition so young families were chosen for such missions. Several years into their mission their ship was taken by Weequay pirates in Hutt Space operating on behalf of Reero the Hutt. After months of captivity they eventually convinced the Weequay pirate lord that they were diplomats and would pay a handsome reward if taken to the capitol. Their only child, Oohn was born on a Hutt trawler bound for Coruscant. Upon arrival the Nagai explorers escaped into the undercity. Constantly hunted by Reero’s minions, they soon attracted the attention of Jedi Master Tera Sinube. Master Sinube watched the alien family from a distance occasionally pulling some strings allowing them to escape the Hutt agents and bounty hunters. Finally when Reero’s net was about to close Sinobe stepped in. After a long standoff Rowan and Sorab made a bargain with the bounty hunters. They would go back to Hutt space and leave their son Oohn Kaoss with Master Sinube.

Young Oohn proved to be a challenge for the aging Jedi master. It seemed as though the child was either filled with wild energy or bedridden with illness. He spent his time in bed studying the only two items left by his parents; a Nagai learning crystal and a Tehk-la Blade. When Oohn was feeling well he was a tornado of curious activity that often left Sinube exhausted. Oohn delighted in his hours of freedom wandering the temple while his master rested. He made friends easily and soon developed many strong allies among the students and masters. In his 8th year he was wrongly accused of the theft of a holocron containing a deep space explorer’s journals. He was cleared of charges when Master An’ya Kuro provided an alibi that Oohn knew to be false. This started the long and rocky relationship between Oohn Kaoss and The Dark Woman.

Oohn Kaoss

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