Pather Neff

Human Noble and Former Team Leader of PLT Gamma


Biographical Information

Homeworld: Duro

Born: 47 BBY

Died: Not Applicable


Physical Information

Sex: Male

Skin: White

Height: 1.9 meters

Hair color: White

Eye color: Blue


Chronological and Political Information

Affiliation: Galactic Republic, Project Lima


Born on Duro to Representative Reg-Dar Neff and his wife Valora, Pather Neff was educated at the Duro Academy of Sciences and received advanced degrees in Business and Political Science at the University of Coruscant. Clearly being groomed to succeed his father as a Representative on Duro’s Senatorial delegation, Pather became embroiled in a series of minor ‘embarrassments’ while studying on Coruscant and many believed (and perhaps still believe) him no better than a pampered ne’er-do-well.

Pather’s most notable imbroglio involved a duel using antique slug-throwers, in which Pather nearly killed fellow student Andarlic Vento. Andarlic was Pather’s rival for the affections of the beautiful Lailani Kesh N’Dour. The Vento family nearly succeeded in having Pather expelled and incarcerated but Pather’s family connections allowed him to stay out of jail and in school. Vento’s family, though native to Coruscant, did not have the same connections or deep pockets as the Neff’s and Andarlic, justly or unjustly, was expelled from the university and was sentenced to a light prison sentence.

Lailani and Pather remained an item for some time after until she returned home to her family estates on a the planet of Agamar, which had become increasing sympathetic to the Separatist movement and had eventually suspended its representation in the Galactic Senate until finally seceding in 22 BBY. Pather was devestated by Lailani’s choice to leave him and return to Agamar but she distrusted the growing power of the Senate and the Chancellor. They had often argued about the Chancellor. Pather viewed him as a bold and decisive leader and champion of the Republic while Lailani decried the consolidation of power and what she considered a growing shadow of tyranny.

After Lailani left, Pather returned to Duros where he worked diligently but unremarkably to rehabilitate his reputation. The prospect of succeeding his father in the Senatorial delegation remained a very real possibility for Pather until Reg-Dar was unexpectedly unseated in his bid for re-election. Neff’s opponent in the very acrimonious campaign not only charged that Reg-Dar was corrupt and a closet racist, he also asserted that Neff was a separatist sympathizer as evidenced by his son’s well-known romance with Lailani. Despite campaign support from colleagues such as the highly-respected Senator Organa, Representative Reg-Dar Neff lost his seat. However, he continued to work with his colleagues in the Galactic Senate in an advisory capacity.

Pather returned to Coruscant to pursue a business career but couldn’t resist the lure of politics. He was hired to serve as a Senatorial aide to Senator Organa, advising on military and refugee issues. Though bored, Pather excelled at his role as an aide. Sensing his boredom and witnessing first-hand Pather’s ability to make tough decisions without much direction and his loyalty to the Republic and the citizens he served, Senator Organa recommended Pather to Jedi Master An’ya Kuro for consideration for Project Lima.

Pather served as the PLT Gamma Team Leader until he suddenly and mysteriously resigned his position after successfully conducting operations Ordo Plutonia in 21 BBY. Without warning, he returned to Senatorial work to work directly for Senator Bail Organa.

Pather Neff

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