Pentar Mull


Updated: 11/26/10

AKA: Inder Gracis

Level: 3 – Scoundrel 1 / Soldier 3 / Noble 1

Homeworld: Zeltros(? on Galactic Map)

Born: 37 BBY Age: 23

Height: 1.85 meters

Weight: 90 kgs

Skin: Red
Eye color: Green

Ability Scores: STR 10, DEX 16, CON 11, INT 14, WIS 9, CHA 17

Hit Points: 44

Damage Threshold: 17

Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 1
Destiny Points: 4
Speed: 6 meters

| Fortitude: | + 16 | (10 + 4 level, + 2 class) |
| Reflex: | + 19 | (10 + 4 level, + 3 ability, + 2 class) |
| Willpower: | + 16 | (10 + 4 level, + 2 class) |

BAB: 2 ? (Scoundrel 1 lvls, Soldier 3 lvls)

Ranged Attack: + 5 (2 BAB, 3 Dex)

Melee Attack: + 2 (2 BAB, 0 Str)

Damage Bonus: + 2 ( level 4)

Attack Type Weapons Attack Bonus Critical Damage Type
Ranged Heavy Blaster Pistol +7 20×2 3d8+2 Energy
Point Blank Shot (PBS) Heavy Blaster Pistol +8 20×2 3d8 +3 Energy
Melee Vibro Blade +8 20×2 2d6+ 1 Energy


  1. Noble Talents: Educated
  2. Scoundrel Talents: Knack 1/day reroll(?)
  3. Soldier Talents: Weapon Specialist (Pistol), Devastating Attack (Pistol)


  1. Noble: Silver Tongue, Linguist
  2. Scoundrel Starting Feats: Simple Weapons, Pistols, Point Blank Shot
  3. Scoundrel Level Feats: Precise Shot
  4. Soldier Starting Feat: Weapon Focus [Pistols]
  5. Armor Proficiencies: NONE

Species Traits

  • Pheromones (?) +5 species bonus to change the attitudes of other creatures.
  • Empathy (?) Add Charisma bonus to perception checks to sense deception or sense influence.

Ability Score Improvements

  • Intelligence Level 2 (?)
  • Charisma Level 4

|. Skill |. Bonus |. 1/2 Lvl |_. Ability Modifier |. Trained |. Skill Focus |. Other |
| Acrobatics |=.+ 4 |=.1 |=.3 |=.0 |=.0 |=.0 |
| Climb |=.+ 2 |=.1 |=.3 |=.0 |=.0 |=.0 |
| Deception |=.+ 2 |=.2 |=.0 |=.5 |=.0 |=.0 |
| Endurance |=.+ 1 |=.2 |=.1 |=.0 |=.0 |=.0 |
| Gather Information |=.+ 9 |=.1 |=.2 |=.5 |=.0 |=.0 |
| Initiative |=.+ 8 |=.2 |=.3 |=.5 |=.0 |=.0 |
| Jump |=.+ 2 |=.2 |=.0 |=.0 |=.0 |=.0 |
| Mechanics |=.+ 0 |=.2 |=.4 |=.0 |=.0 |=.0 |
| Perception |=.+ 9 |=.1 |=.2 |=.0 |=.0 |=.0 |
| Persuasion |=.+ 10/15 |=.1 |=.0 |=.5 |=.0 |=.1 |
| Pilot |=.+ 8 |=.1 |=.3 |=.5 |=.0 |=.0 |
| Ride |=.+ 4 |=.1 |=.3 |=.0 |=.0 |=.0 |
| Stealth |=.+ 10 |=.2 |=.3 |=.5 |=.0 |=.0 |
| Survival |=.+ 3 |=.1 |=.2 |=.0 |=.0 |=.0 |
| Swim |=.+ 2 |=.2 |=.0 |=.0 |=.0 |=.0 |
| Treat Injury |=.+ 9 |=.2 |=.2 |=.0 |=.0 |=.0 |
| Use the Force |=.+ 0 |=.0 |=.0 |=.0 |=.0 |=.0 |
| Bureaucracy|=.+ 9/14 |=.1 |=.3 |=.5 |=.0 |=.5 |

Languages: Basic, Zeltron, Wookie, Rodian, Duros, Nimodian, Twil’ek
Salary: 2,145 credits/month.
Credits: 5,004

Possessions Typically Carried

  1. Worn: All Temperature Cloak, Utility Belt, Hip Holster
  2. Carried: Vibro Blade (Republic Licensed) left hip, Heavy Blaster Pistol (Republic Licensed)right hip, Comlink, Datapad (Int 12), Hold Out Pistol(illegal)in boot, Binder Cuffs, Spare Medpack, Breather Mask, Credit chip, 14 days of ration packs.

Current Load ? kg / Max Carry is 25 kg

Residence Cost: (?) [3rd floor between Senate and Jedi Temple]

  1. On the Galaxy’s Fang: 1 Luxurious Suit (300cr), 1 Flight Suit

Pentar Mull grew up on the planet Zeltros. He is the son of a petty noble family. As the fifth son of his father’s line (not including illegitimate sons), he reasoned that he was not likely to inherit any sizeable amount of land from the family nor the title of “Baron;” that would pass to his eldest brother Lotar. Pentar was not interested in running one of his family’s adult Holovid businesses which, though lucrative, was very exciting. Pentar left Zeltros at age 18 despite his family’s half-hearted pleas to stay. Pentar promised to return home after he carved out a life for himself while exploring the Outer Rim.

Pentar’s first expedition off world was to the planet Godo. Pentar had heard rumor that a quick fortune could be made in the mining and export of flame gems. It was on Godo that Pentar first had dealings with the Hutts. Durga Besadii Tai (Durga the Hutt) had exclusive contracts on Godo in the mining and processing of flame gems. Entry into the flame gem at business required that one pay a fee directly to Durga. Pentar lacked the credits for “start up costs” so he traveled to Nal Hutta and tried numerous time to arrange for an audience with the great Hutt to discuss a loan. Durga’s agents didn’t take Pentar seriously and repeatedly ignored his request for audience. Nearly out of credits, Pentar concocted a scheme to gain an audience with the Hutt by seducing a succession of dancing girls and other female agents of the Hutt and then convincing them to drop his name to Durga as someone “worth doing business with.”

Unfortunately, the plan failed miserably and Durga had Pentar hunted down and brought before him with the intention of feeding him to his pet Krayt Dragon, O’th-ik-abul. Pentar was offered a last request, and Pentar, who was sure that he was going to die, requested that he be allowed to make his sales pitch on flame gem distribution to a “wealthy family” that he knew on Zeltron. Durga suspected that the “wealthy family” was related to Pentar, so Durga countered with an offer to let Pentar stay at the Hutt’s palace on Nal Hutta while Pentar worked on negotiating his own ransom of 50,000 credits. In response, Pentar shouted that his family would not pay “one lousy credit for his worthless hide.” This outburst greatly amused and impressed the Hutt, who admired Pentar’s showing of courage in the face of certain death, rather than groveling for his life. Instead of feeding Pentar to O’th-ik-abul, Durga offered Pentar a job as an assistant contract negotiator. Durga was well aware of the Zeltron pheromones and empathic abilities and believe that Pentar might make a decent agent after some training. Pentar gratefully accepted the job offer.

Pentar spent the next two years working for the Crime Lord across the Outer Rim, learning the ropes firsthand while conducting various minor contract negotiations. He quickly proved that he had a knack for gathering information and gained a reputation as someone who could keep a cool head in the face of heated negotiations. Pentar’s status as one of Durga’s agents began to rise quickly, before coming to an abrupt halt after he seduced Mora, the daughter of Dal Pehri, a Coruscant-based Black Sun member with close ties to Durga. Dal was furious and demanded that Durga deliver Pentar to him on Coruscant. Fortunately for Pentar, before Durga could set things into motion, he fled Nal Hutta.

After several months on the run, Pentar finally found shelter on Bespin, where he quickly fell in with the Lutrillian gangster Sawthawne. Sawthawne took a liking to Pentar and he decided to employ Pentar as a “papers fixer” in one of his many import/export businesses. He knew about Pentar’s entanglement with Durga and it amused him to give Durga a tweak about “the one that got away.” The enraged Hutt attempted several times to have both of them killed, but failed. Eventually, Sawthawne was forced to release Pentar from his service, as Pentar presence had proved too risk to Sawthawne’s safety.

Jobless once again, Pentar headed for the safety of Coruscant. After months of struggling to scrape by in Coruscant’s seedy underworld, Pentar was approached and eventually recruited into the intelligence business by Vyn Narcassan, a respected officer of the Senate Bureau of Intelligence (SBI). Vyn trained Pentar and developed several tests to determine Pentar’s reliability. After years of illegal dealings, Pentar had decided to turn over a new leaf; he passed Vyn’s tests and surpassed training expectations. After completing his final evaluation, Pentar formerly joined the SIB. Before Pentar could be assigned to his first SIB command, Senator Bail Organa had caught wind of his potential and quickly referred him to the Dark Woman for consideration into Project Lima.

After an additional, thorough evaluation conducted by the Dark Woman, Pentar was officially welcomed into Project Lima. He completed his six month training and was assigned to PLT Beta. After an unsuccessful mission to Orto Plutonia, Pentar was reassigned to PLT Gamma.

Pentar Mull

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