Rena Terrkin


Biographical Information

Homeworld: Coruscant

Born: 47 BBY

Died: Not Applicable


Physical Information

Sex: Female

Height: 1.65 meters

Skin: Light Pink

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Green


Chronological and Political Information

Affiliation: Galactic Republic, Senate Bureau of Intelligence


Rena Terrkin served as a Senate Bureau of Intelligence officer prior to the Clone Wars and throughout its first year. She resigned her position after being recruited by Senator Bail Organa for Project Lima. She served as a member of PLT Beta.

PLT Beta was ambushed during their mission to Orto Plutonia where Rena suffered a debilitating blaster wound to her abdomen. PLT Gamma discovered Rena hiding inside Glid Station and the team leader, Pather Neff, successfully performed the surgery and set Rena onto the road of recovery.

Rena Terrkin

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