Female, Umbaran Dark Side User


Biographical Information

Homeworld: Unknown

Born: Unknown

Died: Not Applicable


Physical Information

Sex: Female

Skin: Pale White

Height: 1.6 meters

Hair color: None

Eye color: White


Chronological and Political Information

Affiliation: Unknown

Known Masters: Unknown

Known Apprentices: Unknown


This Sith Inquisitor was encountered by Project Lima Team (PLT) Gamma on the Hutt-controlled planet of Nar Kreeta during the successful operation to rescue Brenna Vollen, the daughter of Nyreen Vollen.

Rayne was again encountered, this time on Geonosis while PLT Gamma attempted to link up with an exiled Geonosian hive. With the assistance of her droids, she engaged PLT Gamma, managed to subdue Jedi Learner Oohn Kaoss and take the Vexxtal crystal from him before her egress.


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