Yesh Beyene


Yesh Beyene

Human Jedi Learner

Character Level: 6
Scout 1
Soldier 4
Scoundrel 1

Exp: 14850
Unspent Exp: 650

Strength: 14
Intelligence: 11 +1
Wisdom: 14
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 11 +1
Charisma: 12

Languages: Basic, Military Sign Language

Hit Points: (25+11+11+7+11) = 76
BAB: (0.8 + 1 + 1 +0.8 +1 +1) = 5.6

Reflex Defense: 10 +6(lvl) +2(dex) +2(class) +1(ma) = 21
Fortitude Defense: 10 +6(lvl) +1(con) +2(class) = 19
Will Defense: 10 +6(lvl) +2(wis) +1(class) = 19

Damage Bonus: 2 (4 melee)
To Hit (Melee) +7
To Hit (Missile) +7

One handed +8 to hit, +5 damage
Two handed +8 to hit, +7

Damage Threshold: 19

Destiny: 2 (+1 in UTF, +1 in Initiative)
Banked Force Points: 16
Dark Side: 1

Force Points: 8
1st Level Entry Class Feat (Scout 1) – Weapon Proficiency (Simple)
1st Level Entry Class Feat (Scout 1) – Force Sensitivity (Class)
1st Level Entry Class Feat (Scout 1) – Skill Focus (Use the Force)
1st Level Entry Class Feat (Scout 1) – Skill Training (Use the Force)
1st Character Level Bonus Feat – Force Training
Human Bonus Feat – Proficiency (Lightsaber)
2nd Level Entry Class Feat (Soldier 1) – Martial Arts 1
3rd Character Level Bonus Feat – Force Training
3rd Level Class Feat (Soldier 2) – Assured Attack
5th Level Class Feat – Force Training

Skilled Advisor (Scout 1)
Force Perception (Soldier 1)
Lightsaber Deflect (Scoundrel 1)
Force Focus (Soldier 3)

Skills 7(4 (Scout) +1(int) +1 (human) +1 (feat))
Acrobatics +10
Athletics +10
Initiative +10
Knowledge (Physical Sciences) +9
Perception (UTF)
Stealth +10
Survival +10
Use the Force +13

Force Powers:
Vital Transfer
Negate Energy
Battle Strike
Assured Strike
Shien Deflection
Mind Tricks

First Level (Scout 1)
Class Feat – Weapon Proficiency (Simple)
Class Feat – Force Sensitivity
Class Feat – Skill Focus (Use the Force)
Class Feat – Skill Training (Use the Force)
Human Bonus Feat – Proficiency (Lightsaber)
1st Level Bonus Feat – Force Training
Talent – Skilled Advisor

Second Level (Soldier 1)
+1 Constitution
Feat – Martial Arts 1
Talent – Force Perception

Third Level (Soldier 2)
Character Level Feat (Force Training)
Soldier Class Feat – Assured Attack

Fourth Level (Scoundrel 1)
+1 Intelligence (Acrobatics and Military Sign Language)
Talent – Lightsaber Deflect
Fifth Level (Soldier 3)
Talent – Force Focus
Character Level Feat (Force Training)
Sixth Level
Soldier Class Feat (Weapon Focus-LS)


Yesh Beyene was born in 40 BBY on Mutanda in the remote Outer Rim. Mutanda is a favorite tourist destination for safari vacations, both to view and to hunt the impressive local wildlife.

Local politics had been moving more towards sightseeing safaris instead of “Blood Hunts.” Yesh was born into a family of tour guides and huntsmen. His grandfather Besh started up a profitable company with many off-world corporate clients. A lodge and meeting center was also constructed with discretion assured. Rumors abounded about hunts that would happen ‘off the record’ but nothing was ever proven.

As a child, Yesh was shy and withdrawn, and did not quite fit in with other children his age. As a result of this and the fact that his parents were often too busy to show Yesh the attention he required, Yesh became the responsibility of Piresh, Yesh’s older brother. Yesh greatly admired Piresh and being the good brother, Piresh brought Yesh along with him on nearly everywhere he went.

During her travels throughout the Outer Rim, Jedi Knight Sar Labooda met and hired Piresh to help guide her through Mutanda’s wilderness. Unbeknownst to Piresh, Sar Labooda had been dispatched to Mutanda by the Jedi Council to locate and neutralize a Dark Side force present on the planet.

During the expedition, Sar Labooda detected Yesh’s Force Sensitivity. After a few days, Sar Labooda told Piresh of Yesh’s Force Sensitivity and explained how she was able to detect it. This prompted Piresh to inquire if others could also detect Yesh’s Force Sensitivity. Sar Labooda explained that others could indeed detect the Force Sensitivity and that without training and protection, Yesh was in danger from those that might seek to exploit it. After days of debate, Piresh finally accepted Yesh’s danger. Without consulting with his parents, Piresh released Yesh into Sar Labooda’s custody so that Yesh could begin his training as a Jedi. Piresh hoped that his younger brother would become something great.

Sar Labooda had Yesh enrolled at the Jedi Temple on H’ratth where training for more aged Jedi students was conducted. She also believed that H’ratth, with its vast expanses of wilderness, would be better suited for Yesh. After a short period of adjustment, the shy boy finally found a place where he belonged. The difference was night and day. Yesh embraced the Jedi philosophy and his learning. He particularly enjoyed lightsaber combat and tumbling.

When he entered young adulthood, Yesh was reunited with Sar Labooda, who chose him as her Padawan. As a champion of peace and Yesh’s battle instincts and prowess complemented Sar Labood’s calmer ways. The two traveled together for sometime conducting various tasks for the Jedi, until the Jedi Council ordered the pair to Neelanon, following a terrible natural disaster. Neelanon was the home world of Senator Ter Taneel.

The two arrived to find that Neelanon had been hit by a meteorite. Apparently, an asteroid veered out of its known orbit for unknown reasons and crashed into the planet. The devastation was terrible. Sar Labooda worked tirelessly to bring humanitarian aid and stability to the survivors. There was rampant crime and looting, and no stable governance. Her skills in negotiation and diplomacy were tested, and Yesh learned much from her example. Together, they created an effective local government from gangs that had arisen in the wake of the disaster. They ensured that food and supplies were delivered appropriately, and in one case brought down a local warlord who had diverted aid material for personal gain.

Charitable donations and humanitarian aid quickly dried up while the crisis loomed ever more. Sar Labooda and Yesh returned to Coruscant to brief Senator Ter Taneel before she would address the problems of Neelanon with the Galactic Senate. However, they returned to Coruscant just as Jedi Master Mace Windu was assembling his strike team to go to Geonosis. Sar Labooda joined the group and Yesh remained on Coruscant to assist the Senator. Yesh would never see Sar Labooda again; she was slain in the arena battle.

After Sar Labooda’s death, the Jedi Council appointed Jedi Master An’ya Kuro to oversee the rest of Yesh’s training. In addition to training Yesh, An’ya Kuro recruited him into Project Lima. After six months of rigorous training, Yesh successfully completed the training. As a result of changes within Project Lima’s organizational structure, Yesh was assigned to Project Lima Team Gamma.

Yesh Beyene

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